petek, 29. junij 2012

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

Doing cardio has always been the crux of all of us who want you to have muscles, but well in sight, not clouded by a nice layer of subcutaneous fat ....

The cardio usually consists of making carpet or exercise bike for 45 to 90 minutes more or less the same speed .... That still does burn calories ...

Why not instead try a different type of cardio workout?? ' The HIIT variant can be excellent ...

HIIT workout exercise bike is to do 5 minutes at a mild pace, such as heating. Then you switch to a top speed for 30 seconds, and return to a moderate speed for 30 seconds. All this for about 7/10 times, and you end up with another 5 minutes at a mild pace.

For beginners it is recommended to keep the maximum speed for about 15/20 seconds, and keep that moderate 45/40 sec.gradually increasing the time to maximum speed.

Why HIIT workout with exercise bikes is interesting:

1 HIIT workout takes less time, then you can do on days where we do not have 2 hours to dedicate to our physical

HIIT workout lasting less than 2 helps keep muscle, because it stimulates the white fibers (more ipertrofizzabili) in short bursts but very intense

3 HIIT workout burns calories even after exercise. A study conducted in 1996 among people who have done cardio and HIIT cardio traditional, showed that 24 h energy expenditure in subsequent exercise was significantly greater in subjects who performed the HIIT

4 HIIT training improves fat oxidation, as shown by a 2007 study done on female subjects published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

At this point you just have to try. But do not overdo it, 2/3 HIIT cardio sessions a week are more than enough

Note: To maximize the fat burning effect, we recommend the use of 'L-carnitine, or Acetyl-L-carnitine 20 minutes before training